Oblong Line
Oblong Line
Oblong Line
Oblong Line

Oblong Line

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Hand poured in Switzerland, non toxic wax candles.

All our candles are hand made, so minimal imperfections such as frosting and unevenness on the surface can occur which makes each and every candle unique!

These effects are only cosmetics and will never affect the burning process.

Ingredients: 100% natural soy way, cotton wick

Size: 8.5x3cm

Weight: 32g

Soy wax is a natural product as opposed to traditional paraffin candles which are a petrol byproduct. Soy wax candles are paraffin free, eco friendly, and do not overload your interior’s atmosphere.

The positive point is that soy wax is VERY easy to clean - as a natural product, you just need to use hot water and it will dissolve on the spot! No more worries in case you spill some wax by mistake!

Do not leave any candle unattended.

Please favor the use of a tray to collect melted wax and contain possible dripping.
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