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Our Soy Wax Candle is designed to be good to nature and great to you. 
We use eco wicks, cruelty free fragrances, no dyes and natural wax. This means a cleaner burning candle - less soot, less chemicals and less waste.

They make for great eco-friendly housewarming gifts or as table centerpieces, as well.

This candle will add an intense and elegant fragance to any room of your home while you read a book, take a bath or have a dinner with friends.

Also its minimalist style makes a lovely treat for yourself or a fabulous gift to relax and enjoy.
It is hand poured with natural soy in small batches in Geneva

Burn Time: up to 27 hours
100% Natural Soy Wax
Hand-Poured | Small Batch | Essential Oils |
Ethically Sourced Сotton Wick
Phthalate free | Lead free | Petroleum free
Eco-Friendly | Vegan | No additives, dyes or enhancers
Clear Glass Vessel | Aluminum Lid

✓ Precautions
- Be careful when handling the candle, you could burn yourself.
- It is a soy candle so wet spots are it is normal, but this does not affect the candle itself at all.
- To prevent or minimize wax from sticking to one side of the glass, light your candle for 4-5 hours the first time or until the wax is completely melted on the surface.
- It is normal for some of the wax not to melt. The amount may vary depending on the fragrance and lighting conditions.
- To avoid damage to the surface where you place your candle, do not light it when there is less than 1 cm of wax left.
- Trim the wick before every burning session.
- Never leave a lit candle unnattended.
- Keep it away reach of children and pets.