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Frosting...what is that?

No, I am not going to speak about cold or snow, but about a natural phenomenon happening on all our candles when we pour them. Frosting is the name given to those crystal-looking formations that appears on the outside of candles. But what is it exactly? Our discovery of Frosting When I decided to start making my own candles, it was sure for me that I would use Soy Wax as a natural, vegetable wax environment friendly and a sustainable product. I knew all the perks of the soy wax but I didn't know everything...yet! After ordering my first batch of wax, receiving my first mould, here comes the time to make my first candle. I first started with our Stella, first melting,...

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What is Soy Wax?

  Soy wax is used in all candles we sell at Comely. We will never pour any paraffin Candles. Discovery of Soy Wax    Michael Richards, a candle maker, discovered soy wax in 1991. He was looking for a cheaper alternative to beeswax. As he experimented with different types of vegetable products, Michael eventually found a relatively cheap way to create wax from soybean oil. His discovery paved the way for a new kind of candle, which burned cleaner than paraffin, was less costly to produce than many alternatives and would burn for longer.   But have you ever wondered where soy wax comes from? Or how wax is created out of soybeans?  Refining Beans to Wax  Soy wax comes from...

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